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On 21st April we had a fascinating on-line talk about picture postcards.
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Stop Press!

Remembering the war 39 to 45

One of the impacts of getting much older is the dwindling number of contemporaries we have. We are now the older ones.
This is indisputable! This may be a privilege but it is also a loss.
The context in which this has become particularly notable is in remembering my life before during and just after the 2nd world war. This may be so for others?
There is of course pleasure in recounting wartime memories to interested children and grandchildren, however sharing with those who also experienced that time has another quality altogether. The similarities and differences may be a startling revelation. This may lead to some very interesting group conversation!
All this prompted me to think of offering such older colleagues in our u3a a small Group opportunity along these lines. Would you, who remember this time, be interested in joining such a group? Please let me know by sending an email to groups@u3awelhat.org.uk
I very much hope that this idea, either on Zoom or Face to Face, will lead to a viable small group enterprise.
Please give it some thought....
Mary Perren

The Hertfordshire Festival of Music will run from 4th to the 10th of June. Some of the events are free, and others cost from £7.00 to mid £20s. Click here for the festival website.

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