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Welwyn-Hatfield U3A - Summer Term 2018 - Speakers' background details .

18 April - HAT. Graham Laurie: 'Roald Dahl's War'
Graham is an Historian and a former RAF pilot , Roald Dahl's War will cover the writer's life in the RAF and his subsequent rise to literary stardom.

25 April - WGC. Chris Truran: 'Dabs & DNA Detect Criminals'
Chris joined the Met in 1975, he trained as a Scene of Crimes Officer (SOCO). During his time he examined over 25,000 crime scenes ranging from shop-lifting to murder.

2 May - HAT. John Hutchinson: 'My Life Flying Concord and After'
John Hutchinson started his flying career in the RAF. He served from 1955 - 1963 and was a corporate pilot for 3 years before joining BOAC in 1966. He was successfully a 707 & 747 co-pilot and then a captain on the VC10 before being selected to be a Concorde Captain.

9 May - WGC. Val Fowler: 'The History of John Lewis'
The Welwyn Department Stores were built in 1939 and in 1983 The John Lewis Partnership acquired the store. Welwyn Garden City John Lewis is singly the largest store in the Town Centre.

16 May - HAT. Graham Harrison: 'Poisons for Medicine, Victorian Pharmacists & Quack Doctors'
Graham Harrison is a partner in Sun Jester's family business which has worked in the field of education and training for over 25 years. Regular clients include English Heritage, National Trust, The Royal College of GPs and the NHS.

23 May - WGC. Glen Owen/Nick Atkinson: 'The Planning & Management of New Roads'
The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a professional membership body and is one of the world's most respected professional engineering associations. Their members deliver large infrastructure projects, i.e. new roads, railways, airports, tall buildings and bridges all around UK and the rest of the world.

30 May - HAT. Duncan Campbell-Smith: 'History of The Royal Mail'
Duncan Campbell-Smith has been a full time writer for the past 10 years and written the book on History of The Royal Mail. He has also written a book on the History of British Overseas Banking and is working on a boon on Frank Wittle which is the history of the Jet Engines.

6 June - WGC. Dr Tony Maisey: 'Spare Part Surgery'.
Dr Tony Maisey is a retired GP, always interested in health education, but says one must have a sense of humour.

13 June - HAT. Jenny Gibbs: 'The Turkish Shirley Valentine'
Jenny's tales of rural life in her Turkish village are full of humour & packed with unusual & surprising stories of a culture so different her own.

20 June - WGC. Steve & Carol Robson: 'More Stories with Folk Music & Song'
'Fools Gold' is a duo of husband and wife musicians from County Durham, who play a wide variety of instruments. This is a musical presentation of folk songs with the story, history and characters that created the songs.

27 June - HAT. William French: 'Welcome to My World (Royal Family & Film Stars'
Look forward to the fascinating life.

4 July - WGC. Jeff Rozelaar: 'Bagels & Bacon'
Bagels and Bacon was published by The History Press in 2011 gives a vivid account of growing up, told with passion and humour. The captivating anecdotes within, both poignant and entertaining, are immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the East End in the post war era.

11 July - HAT. 2 - 4 pm - Garden Party, Brakes Manor.