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Welwyn-Hatfield U3A - Spring Term 2019 - Speakers background details .

09 January (WGC). Bill Hamilton: "Man on The Spot"
Bill Hamilton's talk comprises reflections of 50 years as a journalist, broadcaster and BBC Television News Correspondent.

16 January (HAT). Sarah Stevens: "Hertfordshire Ladies Barbershop"
Members of Hertfordshire's only ladies Barbershop singing chorus "Welwyn Harmony" introduce us to their style of singing: - a presentation with some illustrative acapella singing from some of the chorus.

23 January (WGC). Jim Nicolson: "My Uncle: The Battle of Britain"
This talk covers the life of Mr Nicolson's relative, also called James Nicolson, who became the most highly decorated fighter pilot in the RAF in the Second World War. His interactive presentation covers his early life, his wartime exploits and what happened to him and his family afterwards.

30 January (HAT). Steve Lester : "Titanic - Her Launch to Loss".
Steve has advised several TV Companies on the "Titanic". His expert knowledge tells the true story rather, than the Hollywood Version.

6 February (WGC). Hugh Granger: "Interactive Aspects of English".
An intriguing look at various aspects of English, in which the audience is involved. This talk was devised for U3A's.

13 February (HAT). Mr Laurence Summers: "The History of London (Part 1)".
Mr Summers is a Blue Badge tour guide and he will be covering London history from the Romans to the Medieval period.

20 February (WGC). Stephen Barnard: "J Arthur Rank".
Stephen has a background in writing and publishing and worked for Readers Digest for 21 years. Stephen is a part time lecturer for WEA and The Settlement in Letchworth.

27 February (HAT). Tony Maisey:"Spare Part Surgery"
Tony is a retired NHS GP always interested in health education with a sense of humour.

6 March (WGC). Tony Easton: "Invasion 1940 - What If?"
This talk uncovers several previously unknown facts about "Sea Lion" the German plan to invade Great Britain.

13 March (HAT). Annual General Meeting

20 March (WGC). Dr Nichola Hawkins: "Agricultural Research at Rothamsted: 1843 and today".
Rothamsted Research in Harpenden is the oldest continually-running agricultural research station in the world. We will hear about its Victorian beginnings, testing the effects of fertilisers on crop yields, through to the cutting-edge science of today, aiming to continue to improve food production while reducing the environmental impacts of agriculture.

27 March (HAT). Trevor Baker: "The Sainsbury Family Business 1869-1973"
Trevor Baker will illustrate the history of the Sainsbury Business from the first shop in Drury Lane in 1869, through four generations of the family to the floatation of the Company on the London Stock Exchange in 1973.

03 April (WGC). Meet the Groups