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Study Groups.

Study Groups are small autonomous groups of members who, sharing a common interest in a subject, meet to pursue it. For further information, please always make your first approach by telephone to the Leader to check whether a place is available. Their telephone numbers are given below. Please note that you must be a member of the Welwyn Hatfield U3A before you can join any of these study-groups.

We are pleased to report that most Groups are now up and running, in members’ homes, online by Zoom, or in a hired venue. In some cases Groups have had to find new venues, so please check with the Group Leader. Please note that Groups meeting in Halls need to cover the hire cost, so there will be a charge to attend these meetings. Costs vary, please check with the Group Leader.

Groups can be formed on any subject, provided that there is a leader and a group of six or more members who are interested. Please contact the Groups Co-ordinator, E-mail: groups@u3awelhat.org.uk

If you wish to join a study group, please speak to the group leader beforehand, to ensure that there is a place available, and also to ensure that it is suitable for you.

If you belong to a study group and are unable to attend a meeting, please inform the group leader. Prolonged non-attendance may be taken to indicate that you no longer wish to be a member of the group.

Further information about individual Study Groups can usually be obtained by clicking on the Study Group name in the table below.
Please note that where the venue is "Zoom" this means that meetings are currently being held on-line, using "Zoom" software.

Study GroupVenueMeetingsPhone Number
Apple Users DiscussionWGC2nd Thursday, am01707 328 943
ArchitectureWGC1st & 3rd Mondays, am.01707 518523
Arts AppreciationvariousArranged visits01707 695076
Board GamesWGCEvery Monday, pm 07890 000240
Book group 1Various4th Tuesday, am 01707 890846
Book group 2WGCLast Thursday, pm 01707 324 402
Book group 3WGCSecond Friday, am 07596 778465
BridgeWGCThursday, pm.07377 724741
British Sign LanguageWGCFridays, amsigngroupwgc@gmail.com
British HistoryWelwynThursday, pm.01438 715 954
CanastaWGC1st and 3rd Tuesdays, pm01707 892 063
Microsoft Computer DiscussionWGC1st Thursday, am.01707 328 943
Consciousness StudiesWGC1st & 3rd Wednesday, pm 01438 715 806
CrafteaDigswellAlternate Tuesdays, pm07891 103078
Curry ClubVariousEvery 6 weeks, evenings01707 328943
Exploring London 1 (full)VariousVarious01438 832 703
Exploring London 2 (full)VariousVariousjohnfbrown54@gmail.com
Exploring London 3 (full) VariousVarious01707 646 383
Exploring London 4 (full) VariousVarious01707 881257
Family HistoryZoom3rd Tuesday, pm.01438 714 304
French Beginners PlusHAT1st & 3rd Mondays, pm.01438 716 098
French Conversation
(Currently full)
HatfieldFriday, am.07702 542112
GardeningWGC2nd Monday, am.01707 372 566
ItalianWGCMondays, pm.01707 890846
London HistoryWGC3rd Thursday, am01707 339285
Luncheon Club 1Various2nd Wednesday01707 320873
Luncheon Club 2VariousTuesdayp_kane1@sky.com
MahJongWGC2nd & 4th Mondays, am01707 325496
Oil PaintingWGCAlternate Tuesdays, pm07563 691427
PaintingHatfieldMondays pm01438 715803
Philosophy'1'WGCFriday, am01707 893933
Philosophy'2'VariousAlternate Fridays, pm01438 716251
PhotographyHatfield4th Mondays, am01707 251058
Play ReadingVarious3rd Tuesdays, am07866 360327
PoetryZoomAlternate Thursdays, am01707 265 201
PsychologyWGCAlternate Fridays, am01707 893 933
Recorder EnsembleDigswellThursday, am.01438 716760
RummikubWGC1st & 3rd Mondays. am01707 325496
ScrabbleHatfieldThursdays, am01707 260938
01707 262157
ShakespeareHatfield4th Wednesdays, pm01707 645647
Spanish ConversationWelwynMonday mornings, 10.30 to 12 noon01438 715 803
Spanish Beginners PlusHatfield2nd & 4th Mondays, 1:30 to 3:3001438 716 098
Spiritual ExplorationsWelwyn1st Saturday, am01438 715 806
Strollers (short walks)Various1st & 3rd Tuesdays, am01438 221214
Sunday Solo Lunch ClubVarious2nd Sunday, lunchtime01707 328986
Table TennisDigswellMondays am01438 871359
Tearoom VisitsVarious4th Friday, pm01438 715032
Theatre TripsVarious01707 881257
TravelVariousVarious 01707 331810
01707 896196
Thursday ZoomersOn-lineThursdays, 10 - 11amzoomers@u3awelhat.org.uk
UkuleleWGCTuesdays, 10am to 12noondave@charlwood.org.uk
Walkers (longer walks)VariousVarious01582 763320
Wartime Memories &
Post-war Memories
WGCTuesday, 2 pm01707 327289
WatercoloursWGCFriday, pm.07961 934001
Wildlife WatchWGC1st Tuesday01707 326 456
World AffairsWGCMonday, pm.01438 714 246
Writing for Pleasure (formerly Creative Writing)WGCFirst monday of each month, am01707 329502

For an overview of the outings planned by the various study groups, click here.

For an overview of when the study groups meet, click here

If the group that you'd like to join is full (or doesn't exist), please contact the Group co-ordinator (email: groups@u3awelhat.org.uk) who will endeavour to find a solution for you.

Resources (mainly) for Group Leaders

You can download an Attendance Register, which you can have as a PDF, or a Microsoft Word document ('Doc' format). Use PDF if you are just going to print it, and Doc format if you want to edit it yourself.

Safety and Risk Assessment

The Third Age trust has published a number of documents that may be useful, as follows:-

Tour Guide System

Click here to access the booking calender for the Tour Guide System. This is currently read-only. Please email or telephone Roger Swaine if you wish to book the system.

To see a categorised listing of the groups click here (PDF).

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