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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Consciousness Studies Group

Meetings are held via Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month, 2 to 4pm

Leader - Andrea Steverson, 01438 715806, andrea.stev@hotmail.co.uk

See below for course outline


Many people would consider our level of consciousness to be a defining feature of our species and yet mainstream science does not fully understand what consciousness is or exactly how it comes about.
We will consider the nature of human consciousness from the perspective of some cutting edge 'non reductionist' scientific research.
Course material for discussion will be delivered by YouTube, DVDs, CDs at the beginning of each session and for those interested, associated reading material will be suggested. Each session culminates with a group discussion about the material viewed.

Our sessions will explore some of the latest scientific research into various aspects and anomalies of human consciousness, covering such topics as:

Group members would be encouraged to share relevant personal experiences within a safe environment.

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