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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Play Reading Study Group

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Leader: Hazel Bell, 01707 265201

Meetings are held in members' houses on the 3rd Tuesday mornings of the month, starting at 10am. We read the play, and then discuss it.

On the third Tuesday morning of each month, the Playreading Group convenes to enjoy an armchair-excursion into the world of drama. We get to immerse ourselves in the characters of a play, sometimes well-known but often completely new to us, taking on a part and speaking the words, without having to worry about make-up, props, audience, or remembering lines. Not all of the members of the group are steeped in knowledge and experience and no one is expected to turn in an Olivier-style performance (fortunately!). We enjoy the opportunity to explore a new piece or to re-visit and learn more about a title we recognize, but don’t always remember clearly.
All kinds of plays have been enjoyed over the years, from light comedy to more thought-provoking dramas, from any era. Titles we have read include Look Back in Anger by John Osborne (intense and rather perturbing), and Yes, Prime Minister by Anthony Jay (so hysterically funny that at one point we were all incapable of speaking our lines due to spluttering and giggling).
We are a smallish group and everyone gets to read at least one part during each play. On a couple of occasions when fewer than usual have been able to attend, this has required serious concentration (“Oh, sorry – am I Claire as well as Harold?”) but we rise to the challenge!
Jill Longman

Meetings for 2022 will be on

This Group met for the first time in September 2011, and the plays that we have read to date are:

2011 - September










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