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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Walking Group

For Covid-19 update, please see the September newsletter below.

U3A walkers at Grotto Wood, 11th Feb 2020.


We are sorry to say that we only accept walkers who enjoy social company, convivial chat, fresh air and healthy, if not overstraining exercise. This is not a Group for double-pole power walkers. Hertfordshire is a wonderful county to explore and there are numerous local walking groups to suit all types of walkers.

Our Group meets about once a month, sometimes twice in warmer months, for standard circular walks of about 4½ miles (2 hours), starting mid-morning and finishing close to places of light refreshment! We sometimes attempt longer walks (up to 7 miles). All our walks are advertised by a Newsletter usually circulated by e-mail. Walkers do not have to attend all of our walks but can pick and choose which walks they have time to go on.

We always try to be more ambitious. Future walks programme may include going out of County or even London walks. We are keen to receive details of Walker's favourite walks and any other suggestions which would make our walks more enjoyable

We also have an arrangement with Potters Bar U3A Walking Group where we are able to go on each other's walks without the need to join their U3A as associate members.

Whilst we do not have a limit on numbers joining the Walking Group, we will delete names of any Walker who has not been on a walk for 9 months.


We welcome any new members joining us.
If anyone receiving this email is no longer in the Walking Group, please let me know.

Following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the Walking group will restart shortly with walks scheduled for the 4th & 10th of September. The walk on the 4th is the Hertford Rivers Walk and the 10th is around Bramfield.
We have to work within government guidelines and we are also limiting numbers at present. It means you MUST book a place on a walk. Sorry but the Bramfield walk is already full.

Dates for future walks will be announced shortly.

We have 2 teams leading the walks this year so please note that there are the two different sets of contact numbers and walk leader’s car details.

Anyone who would like more frequent walks are welcome to suggest a walk you would like to lead, and a date. We have many walks books and maps to loan.

Contact details for Steph and John Horsford:

Contact details for Liz White and Les Rayner:

All walkers are advised to wear suitable boots, socks and take weatherproof clothing before attempting any of these walks, which are undertaken at your own risk. I would recommend that you use a walking pole or walking stick to assist in muddy areas. Please carry contact details, in case of emergency, and you may wish to include details of any medications and allergies that paramedics would need to make note of. Also, please carry this information where it can easily be found.
Bring your mobile phone with you and make sure you have the teams mobile numbers in it as well.

If you do not have transport and require a lift to the start point, please contact me and I will try and arrange a lift for you.

It would be very helpful if you would let us know in advance if you intend to go on a walk. We would hate to leave anyone behind if they arrive slightly late.

Keep on walking it’s healthy.

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