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The University of the Third Age

(Welwyn Hatfield)

Joining the U3A

Prospective new members are welcome to attend one or two Wednesday morning meetings as visitors at a cost of £1. You can pick up an information pack including application forms while you are there.

If you would like to receive the membership information pack and forms by post, please send an email to "newmembers@u3awelhat.org.uk", including your postal name and address, & asking for a WelHat u3a Starter Pack.

PLEASE NOTE:- WE ONLY ACCEPT NEW MEMBERS WHO COMPLETE THE STANDING ORDER FORM (for future payments). We send you a Standing Order form when you join. If for some reason you need another, click here - remember to insert your membership number, which is on your membership badge.

Membership costs £20 for 2024, and is payable every January. If you join at another time it will be pro rata for the first year. Those who are already members of another U3A (and pay the full membership fee to that other U3A) can join as Associate Members, which costs £16 for 2024.

Members may attend Wednesday meetings, and any Study Group (provided that it is not already full).

Visitors may attend two Wednesday morning meetings. They will be invited to make a small voluntary donation to our funds.

Only members of the Welwyn Hatfield U3A may attend Study Group meetings.

The U3A is a self-help organisation. Consequently, we encourage new members to complete a "Skills sheet", so that the committee can identify how each member can best contribute to the benefit of all. If you haven't already done this, you can download the Skills Sheet here.


Please be aware when attending any U3A meeting you remain responsible for your own well-being.

As individuals we need to be aware that wherever we may become unwell, other people may not be in a position to help us medically, although we would hope that out of concern and kindness someone would help as best they’re able.

It is incumbent on each of us to ensure we are well enough to attend meetings, not only in our own interests but also to ensure that anyone trying to assist us does not put themselves at risk in the process of doing so.

Keeping a cold to yourself at home is thoughtful of others; giving yourself some quiet time at home if you’re not feeling a hundred percent is taking care of yourself sensibly.

Welwyn Hatfield U3A Committee.

If you have any further queries, please contact our New Members Secretary on (email) newmembers@u3awelhat.org.uk

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