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The University of the Third Age

(Welwyn Hatfield)

General Meetings.

Doors open at 9:45, tea and coffee are served from 10:00 to 10:30. The meeting starts at 10.30 am with notices, followed by the talk.
Meetings labelled "Hat", will take place in Breaks Manor Youth Centre, Link Drive, Hatfield, AL10 8TP. If you're online, you can click here for a map.
Meetings labelled "WGC" take place in the Ludwick Family Centre, Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 4PH. If you're online, you can click here for a map. There's sometimes a problem with parking for cars at Ludwick - if you don't mind a walk you could try parking in Caponfield - click here for a map.

There have been complaints from residents about the parking on the road in front of Ludwick Family Centre. If you plan to park here, please could you ensure that you 'follow the trend' and park on the same side as those cars already parked. This ensures that delivery lorries and emergency vehicles can pass through. Many thanks.

If you want to display notices on the projector, or notice boards, at the meetings, contact Tony Tutton on 01707 328943, or E-mail him: "tonytutton@yahoo.co.uk".

Please note that, for health and safety reasons, we have to limit attendance at these meetings to 170

Please note that the Welwyn Hatfield U3A does not endorse any products or services provided by the speakers at our meetings.

Planned meetings for Autumn 2021

8 Sep HatTony Tutton – “My Life in Music – Coronation to Corona”
Tony Tutton invites you to take a trip through his life and love of music from 1950s to present day, covering his early musical influences, his various bands, celebrities, great music and original songs along the way up to the present day.
15 Sep WGCLen Little – “The Training and Use of Police Dogs”
Len was a frontline Police Dog Handler in Hertfordshire for 17 years, a Home Office approved Police Dog Trainer for 12 years and finally a Winston Churchill Fellow in 1987. He worked in the then West Germany with the German Police and Customs Service specialising in Specialist Search Dogs Training.
22 Sep HatSimon Gilbert – “Another Opening, Another Show”
Simon was the subject of a 3-page article in February’s TAM magazine. He sang opposite big stars at the Edinburgh Festival and in Drury Lane Theatre and was the singing voice for Peter O'Toole singing “Impossible Dream” in the film "Man of La Mancha". With this song he reached the finals of the TV programme, "Britain's Got Talent"
29 Sep WGCIan Keable – “The Art of Trickery”
Ian will show us how magicians have appeared in art throughout the centuries, from early artists using the magician to symbolise the mysterious and the unknown, associating them with astrology and tarot cards, through to cartoonists and satirists delighting in linking politicians with skulduggery with images of them featuring the Three-Card Trick, Vanishing illusions or pulling a Rabbit out of the Hat.
6 Oct HatChris Truran – “Digital Forensics – Who's Watching You”
Chris joined the MET in 1975 he trained as a Scene of Crime Officer (SOCO). During his career he examined over 25,000 crime scenes ranging from shoplifting to murder.
13 Oct WGCColin Oakes – “Sweeney Todd – Fact and Fiction”
Colin is an archaeologist who, as well as giving talks, takes groups on walking and coach tours in London and the South East.
20 Oct HatJo Laurie – “Air Miss”
An illustrated talk of Jo’s career in the WRAF (not quite “Private Benjamin”, the film with Goldie Hawn, but close!)
27 Oct WGCMalcolm Wells MBE – “So Far, So Good”
Malcolm is an ex- army musician (Cello) and medic who saw service in the Gulf War. He has played for Royalty on many occasions during his 24-year service. He was a national speaker for Canine Partners which brought him into contact with well-known figures
3 Nov HatGeoff Bowden – “Doin’ What Comes Naturally – Life & Times of Irving Berlin”
Geoff’s career was as a Chartered Librarian but his love was Musical Theatre. He formed his own musical revue group touring England and Wales. Since 2009 he has been editor of “The Call Boy”, the official magazine of The British Music Hall Society.
10 Nov WGCMeet the Groups
17 Nov HatTony Eaton – “Windsor and the Nazis – Dupe or Traitor?”
German files, now declassified, shed light on the relationship between the Duke and the Nazis, while British files are still the subject of the 100-year non-disclosure rule accorded, uniquely, to the Royal Archives. Tony assesses the facts and rumours.
24 Nov WGCMervyn Edwards – “Policing Environmental Protests”
Mervyn served for more than 30 years with Thames Valley Police and retired in 2002. Over half his service was spent as a marksman with the Tactical Firearms team and he was also in charge of Special Operations and was part of the National Network Group
1 Dec HatBobbie Darbyshire - "Where do Novelists Get Their Ideas From?"
Bobbie won the 2008 fiction prize at the National Academy of Writing and the New Delta Review Creative Nonfiction Prize 2010. Her latest novel is ‘The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker’. Earlier ones are ‘OZ’, ‘Love, Revenge & Buttered Scones’, and ‘Truth Games’.
8 Dec WGCChristmas Party – Please bring your own food – drinks will be provided
15 Dec Mill GreenChristmas Lunch – Tickets on sale in October

Planned meetings for Spring 2022

5 JanWGCRoger Mason - "Robert Maxwell – Did he fall or was he pushed?”
Robert Maxwell disappeared from his yacht in the Canary Islands in November 1991. Shortly afterwards his dead body was found in the water. Did he fall, did he jump or was he pushed?
12 Jan HatMike Beech – “History of a Victorian Glassworks”
We look at the early 16th C history of the area near Fleet Street where Whitefriars glass work originated; how they developed into one of the greatest producers of top quality Art Nouveau glass; how Burne-Jones, Henry Holiday and Rossetti projected beautiful stained glass windows and how, in Dickensian conditions, the artists and craftsmen managed to produce glasswork of such fine skill and delicacy .
19 JanWGCStephen Barnard – “Pictures from the Pally”
Stephen tells us about the early days of BBC Television at Alexandra Palace
26 JanHatPaul Rabbitts – “Bandstands – History, Decline and Revival”
The History of the Bandstand, from their origins in the mid-18th century to their heyday during the Victorian park-making era, and their subsequent decline post World War Two.
2 FebWGCDamien O’Dell – “Adventures of a Ghosthunter”
Damien will share with us personal encounters with ghosts in over 20 years of investigating haunted properties.
9 Feb HatJohn Loadman – “How Rubber put the Bounce into the Industrial Revolution”
Conventional wisdom credits the harnessing of steam power and the development of large- scale production of steel as the drivers of the Industrial Revolution, but this talk proposes that the vulcanization of natural rubber in 1843 was the main driver for the second stage of that revolution. It looks at how this discovery came about and the important advances it made possible, including the birth of the plastics industry
16 Feb WGCArt & Photography Exhibition
23 Feb HatGeoffrey Hollis – “Sir Theodore Chambers – WGC’s Third Man
Sir Theodore Chambers was chosen by Ebenezer Howard in 1920 to be the first Chairman of the Company that built Welwyn Garden City. He held that post until 1948 and became its last Chairman when it was nationalised by the government and subsumed into Welwyn Hatfield New Town. It is widely accepted that his skills, contacts and drive were key to getting the City built. This talk will cover his life and achievements which went far beyond Welwyn Garden.
2 Mar WGCGraham Harrison – “Victorian Street Life”
Graham Harrison is a partner in Sun Jester's family business which has worked in the field of education and training for over 28 years. Regular clients include English Heritage, National Trust, The Royal College of GP's and the NHS.
9 Mar HatAGM
16 Mar WGCHelen Fry – “MI9 – the Secret Service in WW2”
A History of this highly-secret military intelligence department for escape and evasion during World War Two.
23 Mar HatMaggie Radcliffe – “Venice, City of Dreams”
A year in the life of this beautiful city. The winter floods, carnival, regattas, film festival, glass blowing, lace making, transport and tourist attractions, including St Mark's Basilica, and the Doges Palace, also the many problems caused by the floods and tourists.
30 Mar WGCChris Burleigh – “Immortalised in Print”
It is said we each have a book inside us, and it is quite classic for people to try to realise that dream when they retire. This talk relates one person's journey in getting into print, drawing out many of the points that must be considered by anyone thinking of self-publishing, and covering features of publishing which the average reader may know nothing about.

For those helping set up the hall for the Wednesday general meetings...

Preparing tea & coffee: please click here (PDF).

Setting up the computer & projector: please click here (PDF).

The next New Members Welcome meeting will be on Monday 31st January 10 am (prompt!), at the WGC Cricket Club, 288 Knightsfield, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7NQ.

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