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The University of the Third Age - Welwyn Hatfield

Sunday Solo Lunch Club

A group for those living alone.

For whatever reason you are by yourself, you are single, divorced, widow or widower, or that your partner is being cared for in a residential or nursing home. We are a very friendly group, with lots of chatting as well as enjoying our Sunday lunch.
Currently there are 36 members, on average 14- 16 people come to our Sunday Lunches. We meet at various locations generally on the second Sunday of the month. Therefore if you are by yourself and would like to join our Solo Lunch, please contact me.
Marie Scales
01707 328986, email: mc.scales@btinternet.com

Leader: Marie Scales, tel: 01707 328986, email: mc.scales@btinternet.com .

Solo Proposed dates and Venues

The dates and venues up to 10th April 2022 are confirmed. Whereas from 8th May the dates are confirmed but the venues are proposals, which will be confirmed in early 2022

12th December 2021 Crooked Chimney Festive Menu as well as regular menu
8th January 2022 Wicked Lady, Nomansland
13th February Plume of Feathers, Tewin
13th March Cowper Arms, Digswell
10th April Long & Short Arm, Lemsford
8th May Three Horse Shoes
12th June The Sun, Lemsford
10th July The Sibthorpe Arms, Welham Green
14th August The Red Lion, Hatfield
11th September The Wicked Lady, Nomansland
9th October Plume of Feathers, Tewin
6th November White Horse, Burnham Green Please note change of date because of Rememberance Sunday
11th December Cowper Arms, Letty Green See Sunday menu plus Festive Menu
? January 2023 Long & Short Arm, Lemsford
? February 2023 Cowper Arms, Digswell

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